Our After School Resource


THE PLAYBOOK:  A Resource for Quality After School Programming

The PLAYBOOK is designed for front-line leaders of children and youth. It highlights positive mental health, physical activity, healthy eating, community strengths and learning experiences as key elements of quality after school programming and provides information, activities and resources within each component.


To view The PLAYBOOK online click here.

To order a print copy of The PLAYBOOK from Recreation New Brunswick, contact us at nbplays@recreationnb.ca or (506) 459-1929.



Why After School?

The after school time frame refers to weekdays from 3pm to 6pm when children are out of school. These critical hours are a key determinant of childhood physical activity, and overall well-being. When children and youth are left alone during this time period they tend to participate in sedentary activities, high-risk behaviours and often display poor eating habits. Taking advantage of this valuable time frame to promote health and hands-on learning can establish healthy habits in children and youth and contribute to their holistic development. By focusing on this time frame and supporting quality after school programs, we can turn this time frame into a province-wide opportunity for positive change.