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NB PLAYS! Gold in Action in Fredericton

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The NB PLAYS! Gold  in Action Workshop will include informative and engaging sessions on a variety of topics, as well as a healthy and local lunch.


Session Overviews

Physical Activity

Alina Cress & Caitlin Doyle - UNB URec

Learn about the benefits of physical activity as they relate to older adults.  Topics such as motivation, experience, health history and general start-up information will be discussed and resources such as the new Active Aging in NB Toolkit and NB Plays! Gold will be referenced.  Then participate in a fun and interactive circuit to learn the basics about older adult exercise prescription.  Leadership pathway ideas and shared success stories will leave you feeling motivated to get older adults moving!  

Healthy Eating

Renee Cool - Horizon Health

Sometimes it can be hard to motivate ourselves or older adults who are cooking for just one or two. We’ll give you a few tips on making easy, healthy and economical meals. We’ll also demo a few recipes and discuss solutions to common problems that seniors face.  A resource to come: CHEFS! Older Adults will be referenced during the workshop.   

Inclusive Programming

Mathieu Stever - Para NB & Christine Kennedy-Babineau - CNIB

From participants using a wheelchair to someone using a cane, every person’s mobility differs greatly. Sometimes the building “codes” don’t always allow everyone to participate. From the parking lot to the recreation room, Para NB – Sport and Recreation will give you a quick walkthrough in what to watch for when choosing a facility for your program.



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