Our Outdoor Play and Learning Resource


NB PLAYS! Outside:  An Outdoor Play and Learning Resource

The Outdoor Play and Learning Resource is designed for front-line leaders of out of school programs. It highlights key elements of quality recreation programming and provides background information, benefits, best practices, success stories and ideas for incorporating outdoor play and learning into a holistic program framework.


To view the NB PLAYS! Outside resource online click here.

To order a print copy of the NB PLAYS! Outside resource from Recreation New Brunswick, contact us at nbplays@recreationnb.ca or (506) 459-1929.


Why Outside?


Concerns over child safety, coupled with the perceived risks of outdoor play have left kids with nowhere to roam but online. As a result, children’s time outdoors and contact with nature are in sharp decline and New Brunswick youth are averaging more than four hours of screen time a day. An excess of inactive, recreational screen time is linked to reduced academic achievement and increased incidence of being overweight and obese.

Thankfully, this unnatural trend is reversible. Out of school programs can promote outdoor play and learning and help children and youth rediscover the great outdoors. By focusing on this time, we can turn out of school programming into a province-wide opportunity for positive change through outdoor play and learning.